M.A. srl guarantees high quality products through a strict Quality Management System which rules every production stage and complies with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. The time we schedule to keep our staff constantly trained in new technologies, together with the knowhow obtained during our long activity, make M.A. a team of professionals ready to give you support in choosing the solution which best suits your needs. Special attention is reserved also to the quality of surface treatments and to the product’s protection during packing and shipment.

    Our welding procedures have been approved by the most important Certification Bodies (TUV –Bureau Veritas – RINA – Lloyd’s Register - SGS – IIS - ABS) and they are certified in accordance to ASME and UNI standards.

    All our welding operators have been qualified accordingly and training courses for new procedures are regularly organized by specialized personnel.

    We are able to perform internally the following NDT tests on welds and materials: Radiographic Testing – Magnetic Particle Testing – Dye Penetrant Testing – Ultrasonic Testing – Visual Testing and distructive tests such as tensile test, hardness test, corrosion test, impact test, macro. All the destructive tests are performed by laboratories accredited by Sinal.

    UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 | UNI EN 1090-1:2012